Bottom UP! When the city is transformed from the bottom up. It is an experimental process to involve the city in actions of urban micro-regeneration. Through this call, open to the participation of groups citizens, schools, individual artists and collectives, committees and associations, companies, designers, the festival selects new and concrete possibilities of transformation of Turin and its region, promotes them, provides support for funding and all along the implementation process.

The festival will encourage extensive participation and for this reason there are no minimum or maximum requirements for the footprint of interventions. Non original projects are also admitted and possibly even projects already started that can be helped grow. The requirements: a. the festival has been nominated for the call “ Festival of Architecture” by the Directorate General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Suburbs of MiBAC, which explicitly requires that the festival takes place within the municipal administrative boundaries. Therefore, the places covered by the proposal must be within the administrative boundaries of the City of Torino; b. interventions must comply with sustainability criteria and guarantee the architectural quality of the intended transformations also in relation to the context, with a positive impact on the quality of life of citizens; c. the sustainability criteria of the project shall include circular economy elements, growing citizens’ selforganizing capacity, sharing of goods and services as well as solutions that can potentially increase resilience at the scale of the neighborhood; d. in the case of applications regarding private places or private places for collective use, they must be at the disposal of the proposing team, with title of ownership, loan of use, lease agreement, informal agreement with the owners or any other valid title for the purposes of the law. e. in the case of public places, the proposing group will check in advance the availability of the spaces and places with the City of Turin.


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