Crowdfunding campaigns and festival initiatives are postponed as a consequence of the Covid-19 containment measures and will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

The Bottom Up! Festival will take place in Turin. It will involve the entire city in experimental activities already starting in the previous months. The launch of the call for proposals (November 2019) will be followed  by a training course for the selected projects and then by crowdfunding campaigns that will last till the end of the festival.

The training course

The training course The prize for the selected projects consists in a training course (4 modules of 4/6 hours each) to learn the principles of communication applied to crowdfunding.

  1. Module 1: the toolkit
    Tools for orientation and inspiration: training, good practices, articles, tips, instructions. From what is available to what is possible for urban regeneration. Organized by Itinerari Paralleli.
  2. Module 2: storytelling
    The project as a story. Characters, plots, narratives. Also known as “form follows fiction.” Organized by Scuola Holden.
  3. Module 3: on crowdfunding
    How to organize and structure a successful crowdfunding campaign. Attitude, techniques, practices. Edited by Starteed.
  4. Module 4: communication in the social media age
    Leverage the social media to spread your messages more powerfully and multiply content visibility. Organized by IdLab.


At the end of the training course, each participating group will develop its crowdfunding campaign to be launched on April 1st; Bottom Up! will act as a sounding board for transformation proposals, helping crowdfounding campaigns to reach their goals.


The festival will last ten days. The first seven days focusing on the festival themes will feature seven evenings in seven different places in the city to tell the story of the transformations taking place. The last three days are dedicated to the selected projects. One day to visit the places where the transformations are designed to take place, one day to listen to the stories of people who have developed similar practices, one day to close the crowdfunding campaigns.

Starting from the first of the final three days (May 8th), Bottom Up!! places will be opened to the public and activated by the proposing teams with previews, unveiling, telling and sharing of the meanings of the proposed transformation.

During the last day the projects of Bottom Up!! will become the absolute protagonists of a major final public event, which will close the crowdfunding campaigns and reveal which projects have received the greatest interest.