How to partecipate

Through this call, open to the participation of groups citizens, schools, individual artists and collectives, committees and associations, companies, designers, the festival selects new and concrete possibilities of transformation of Turin and its region, promotes them, provides support for funding and all along the implementation process.

The presence of an architect within the proposing team is therefore a binding condition for participation.

The proposals must feature a story – what to do in the chosen place and how – the description of the proposed transformation and its resonance in the reference context, according to criteria of sustainability, architectural quality and its impact on the life of the communities that live and visit the chosen places.

Proposing team requirements

  1. The proposing group will act both as a real commissioning as well as project team. A group of people expressing a wish or a need for a community and developing a concept for a specific place (or place type) in the city.
  2. The proposing teams, if selected, and provided that the crowdfunding campaign is successful, must take responsibility to coordinate and guide the process for implementing the project proposal.
  3. As already mentioned above, the presence of an architect in the proposing team is a binding condition for participation.

Required documents

  • Registration form
  • Concept abstract (max 500 characters including spaces)
  • Concept description (max 3000 characters including spaces)
  • Description of the proposing team and its role in relation to the submitted proposal (describe the role played by each including skills description and any significant experience for the purposes of the call) (max 3000 characters including spaces);
  • Cost estimation, with breakdown of expenditure items,
  • Upload of three images 640×480 px describing the concept.


You can submit questions or request information on the announcement by e-mail by writing to 

Furthermore , 3 open meetings (question time) are planned with the curators: 

  • Tuesday 3 December 2019 6.00 pm, Piccolo Cinema, via Cavagnolo 7, Turin;
  • Tuesday 17 December 2019 5.00 pm, Circolo del Design, Via S. Francesco da Paola 1, Turin;
  • Thursday 9 January 2020, time and place to be defined.

Deadlines and delivery

To participate in the selection, the documents listed at point 7 must be sent:

  • via PEC at:, with the subject line “Bottom UP! Selection”
  • by registered mail with return receipt requested to the following address: Fondazione per l’architettura / Torino via Giolitti 1, 10123 Turin please specify on the outside of the envelope “Bottom UP! Selection” 

Delivery deadline for the requested documents is Thursday 16 January 2020 at 12.00 AM.

If using registered mail with return receipt requested, the date of receipt and not the date of the postmark will be taken as proof of the date of receipt.


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