Become a sponsor of the festival

Support the Bottom Up Festival of Architecture! When the city is transformed from the bottom up you can get involved and become a promoter of contemporary architecture and actively raise awareness about architectural and urban quality among citizens. Matching your own image to the festival will also allow to reach a specific target paving the way for a preferential dialogue.

You can choose from four possible sponsorship packages: Main sponsor, Sponsor, Supporter and Technical Sponsor, obtaining proportional benefits and visibility. In addition to the planned activities, you will have the opportunity to develop ad hoc strategies, tailored on the specific objectives and needs of your company.

The benefits and opportunities provided are proportional depending on the package chosen. Among other things, you can display the company logo on paper documents and in the digital media, add your company profile on the festival website, you can be mentioned on the festival social media, add advertising banners in the newsletters. You can also modulate different levels of presence during press events and the final event of the festival. The option to be sole sponsor for main events as well as ad hoc strategies are granted to the main sponsors.

Contact us to learn more about all the details of the sponsorship menu!
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