Victoria Semykina

Hiding behind the illustrations of Bottom Up! Victoria Semykina, a young Russian artist, came to Bologna guided by her passion. Already student in an art school from the age of 5, a few years later, she attended art high school and the Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow. She is one of those people who can say she always knew what she wanted to do when she grew up.
With a striped shirt, dreamy eyes and a red bike locked outside her house, she could be the embodiment of one of her characters: she fell in love with sunny, open and lively Bologna where she finished her studies and then decided to stay. Her style is free and sometimes humorous - "or at least this is what they tell me" she says. In short, a style that fits like a glove with Bottom Up! as does the philosophy that guides Victoria's hand: "I often remind my students to design architecture by perceiving it as an artist and not as a designer". She reveals: "A designer must perform volumetric calculations and stick to strict proportions when designing an architectural work. On the other hand, the artist doing the same thing must be able to perceive the music, the atmosphere, the daily life swarming in it. The artist is absolutely free”.

Her works